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Everybody for once in their life has wondered what is homoeopathy and how does it work? Homoeopathy is the safest medication for any cure, prepared from non-toxic and natural sources, which do not have any adverse side effects. As a result, it can be consumed by all ages from infants to elderly, from a pregnant woman to feeding mothers along with other forms of medication like ayurvedic, allopathic, etc.

Reasons to choose-

Building Stronger Immune System

The efficacy of the Homeopathic medicines does not get affected by the mutations, variants or any other pathogens as it works at strengthening the body’s own defence mechanism.

So, on what lines of treatment are these medicines used? Homoeopathy works towards boosting your immune system and help your body fend off infections for good from the root. Hence, homoeopathy for immunity work against any foreign invaders that may affect your health.

Individualistic Approach

Homoeopathy treats the individual as a whole rather than just the specific illness.

But are there any risks of side effects?
It believes that every disease has a psychological origin. Homoeopathy medications act both as preventive as well as curative medicine, thus, it seeks to restore the balance between the emotional and physical state thereby bringing a long term, if not permanent relief. As a result, these medication has no side-effects on heart, skin or in any part of the body.

Treats Every Illness

Treats the untreatable as anti-viral homoeopathic medicines are a therapeutic option where conventional treatments have failed.

Can the disease reappear after being medicated?
While conventional medicines often work by providing symptomatic relief, homoeopathy works at the root level which treats every illness with a long-lasting relief reduce the recurrence of the infection. Hence, it is safe to use and say that once you are treated with homoeopathy medicines, it is not quite possible for the disease to appear.

Homeopathy With Allopathy

One of the common question people asks is whether they can use homoeopathy with allopathy parallelly?

Are these medicines fit for consumption across all age groups?
Well, the answer is and always will be yes, you can take allopathic medications and homoeopathy medicines together.
M Bhattacharyya’s homoeopathic medicines can be consumed by all age groups from babies, infants to old person. But, it is advisable the time gap between homoeopathic and allopathic medicine should be 20min – 30min.