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Mind and Disposition.

Sad, taciturn, with anxious apprehension.

Sadness, peevishness.

Irritable, disposed to anger and chagrin.


Vertigo, with tottering gait.

[5] Headache, as if the brain were torn or demolished.

Feeling as if the brain were loose.

Tearing and stitches in the head, coming on in periodical shocks.

Heaviness in the back part of the head, with obscure sight, aggravated by the effort to see.

Headache from walking in the open air, especially in the cold wind.

[10] Headache, aggravated from rising up in bed, and from moving the eyes, ameliorated by moving the body.


Itching, smarting in the corners of the eye.

Itching in the eyes.

Stitches out of the eyes.

Swelling and redness of the eyelids.

[15] Perpendicular half-sightedness.


Otalgia, with pressing pain.

Beating in the ear.

Hardness of hearing deafness.

Very sensitive to noise and over acuteness of hearing.

[20] Tingling, humming and whizzing in the ear.


Continuous bleeding from the nose.

Sore nostrils with stinging pain.

Obstruction of the nose.

Coryza with thick yellow or watery, corrosive discharge.


[25] Heat in the face, and growing redness of the cheeks when walking in the open air, without thirst.

Pimples forming scabs on the face, forehead and temples.

Bloated lower lip, it feels heavy and burns.

Burning of the lips.

Pimples around the lips forming a scurf.

[30] Freckles.

Mouth and Throat.

Toothache (pulsating), aggravated from cold drinks, better from heat.

Tingling in the teeth.

Scorbutic gums, swollen, easily bleeding and ulcerating.

Great dryness in the mouth.

[35] The tongue feels heavy as if it were lead, which prevents him from talking ; feels as if paralyzed.

Deep ulcers (with black base) and vesicles on the tongue.

Sensation in the mouth as if it were glued up with insipid mucus ; much saliva in the mouth.

The tongue becomes sore and bluish.

The tongue dwindles (shrinks) (atrophy of the tongue).

[40] Rawness and smarting of the feces.

Dry throat with burning in the chest.

Every thing tastes sweet.

Acrid and putrid taste in the mouth, like rotten eggs, with ptyalism.

Stomach and Abdomen.

Excessive hunger and thirst.

[45] Aversion to meat.

Hiccough (before and after dinner).

Bitter, or putrid eructations.

Vomiting of the ingesta.

Sensation of emptiness in the stomach.

[50] Pressing and tension in the hypochondria.

Fulness and distension of the abdomen, from small quantities of food.

Stool and Anus.

Stool is discharged with difficulty, as from inactivity of the intestines.

Diarrhoea, with smarting and burning in the rectum and anus.

Involuntary discharge of thin, watery stool while urinating.

[55] Discharge of blood with the stool.

Prolapsus ani, while urinating.

Haemorrhoidal tumors, swollen, blue, with burning soreness.

Urinary Organs.

Frequent micturition with profuse discharge.

Profuse discharge of watery urine.

[60] Slow emission of urine ; weakness of the bladder.

Involuntary discharge of urine.

Genital Organs.

Men. Feeling of weakness in the genital organs, penis relaxed (impotence).

Soreness in the margin of the prepuce.

Itching of the scrotum, not relieved by scratching.

[65] Women. Menses too early and too profuse.

Pressing on the genitals as if the menses would appear.

During the menses sad and taciturn.

Respiratory Organs.

Breathing deep and groaning ; moaning.

Oppression across the chest (evening).

[70] Stitches in the chest, and on the heart, when taking a long breath and on violent motion.

Tension and pain on the sternum.

Hoarseness, with sore feeling in the chest.

Violent palpitation of the heart, which is felt in the face (at night).


Pressing pain in the back, as from a sprain, or as if he had stooped long.


[75] Upper. Heaviness of the arms, especially the forearms.

Scabby eruption on the back of the hands and fingers.

Numbness, coldness and deadness of the fingers at night.

Swelling and burning of the tips of the fingers.

Lower. Wavering gait from weakness of the thighs.

[80] Swelling, redness and burning of the tips of the toes.

Putrid ulcers on the lower extremities.


Rheumatic pains in the extremities during rest, better from motion.

Great debility as soon as he sits down, his eyes close ; the lower-jaw hangs down, he slides down in the bed.

Great sensitiveness to damp weather.


[85] Great sleepiness during the day, going off as soon as one moves about.

Sleeplessness before midnight, tossing about and delirium, he slides down in the bed.

Wakens early in the morning with a chill.


Pulse weak and slow, frequently intermitting every third beat.

Chilliness predominates.

[90] Chill in the evening, with coldness in the back, with external warmth and burning in the face.

Shuddering over the whole body, with hot cheeks and cold hands.

Chill and heat without thirst.

Internal heat with desire to uncover oneself, and restlessness in the body.

Burning heat, especially in the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

[95] Perspiration during the first sleep, till midnight, especially on the head and back.

Night and morning sweat.

In the evening, in the bed, the perspiration is first cold on the feet.

Typhus fever, the lower jaw hangs down, atrophy of the tongue involuntary watery stools when passing urine, great debility, with sliding down in the bed, loud moaning.


Scurf eruptions, itching when getting warm in bed.

[100] Blood-boils, pricking on being touched.

Painful putrid ulcers (lower legs), with burning at their circumference.

Fetid odor of the ulcers ; also, they are covered with a scurf.

Black pocks.

Dropsical swellings.

[105] Painfulness and drawing in the periosteum, as in intermittent fever.

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