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Mind.– Animated phantasies of which he cannot rid himself. Difficult thinking and comprehension. Restless and hasty. Long after excitement after talking. Despair and satiety of life. Embarrassed in company. Sadness. Great seriousness with aversion to talking and laughing.

Vertigo.– Intense, in open air.

Head.– Aching to temples from congestion thereto. Rush of blood to, also when listening to music. Tearing in, with ulcers on scalp. Violent (pressing) headaches on alternate days, with fear of going mad. The hair falls out and is painful to touch. Smarting soreness of scalp early on waking, followed by numbness thereof, as well as of skin of entire body.

Eyes.– Pressure, as if they had been closed too firmly. Inflammatory redness of sclerotic.

Ears.– Tearing in. One sided deafness.

Nose.– Nose – bleed in early morning. Cramp in wings of. Stopped coryza with smarting pain inside of.

Face.– Jaundiced color. Flushes of heat in. Spasmodic trembling and twitching of muscles of, and of lips.

Teeth.– Tearing pain in hollow, by warmth, Bleeding and twitching of muscles of, and of lips.

Mouth.– Dry and numb inside, early on awaking, Fetor from, early in morning. Excoriative, smarting pain in a nodule (ranula) under tongue. Early in morning there is much gray mucus in throat necessitating hawking, thereby causing gagging and vomiting.

Stomach.– Thirst: Entirely absent.

Eructations: Abortive. Sour. Heartburn, particularly after drinking milk.

Hypochondriac: Pressive pain in (r.), and in stomach. Splenic pain, as if something were torn loose there.

Abdomen.– Pressure and heaviness in. Distension of, after every meal. Cold sensation on one side of. Pain in upper and lower.

Stool.– Constipated and retarded.

Anus.– Itching and crawling in, and in rectum.

Urine.– Frequent micturition at night. Turbid, with brown sediment. Sour odor of.

Sexual Organs.– Burning, itching and smarting sensations in, with violent voluptuous feelings. Early in bed, erections with numbness in parts. Inflammation of internal sexual organs.

Female.– Menses: Too early and too profuse, with varices.

Respiration.– Short, with tightness of chest.

Cough.– Dry, spasmodic, with eructations and hoarseness (particularly in emaciated persons). Nightly, from tickling in throat. In long paroxysms coming from deep in chest, dry in evening, expectoration of grayish – white, seldom yellow mucus, of a salty or sour taste in morning.

Trachea etc. – Hoarseness from much thick mucus in. Itching, scratching and soreness in, and in larynx.

Chest.– Compression in, and in back. Pressure in and on, particularly in cardiac region. Palpitation with a pale face. Itching in.

Back.– Neck: Itching in thyroid gland.

Upper Extremities.– Asleep sensation with numbness of arm on which he lies at night. Gouty tearing in joints of arms and hands. Shriveled finger tips.

Lower Extremities.– Tearing from lumbar region throughout entire right thigh, it is impossible to stop, and limb seems shorter than the sound one. Nightly cramps in calves. Burning in soles.

Generalities.– The arms and limbs easily go to sleep. Tearing pains particularly in joints, often one sided. Spasms and twitching in muscular parts. Benumbed sensation of entire surface of body, in morning. Many complaints appear during sleep and disappear after during sleep and disappear after rising. Many complaints are by slow exercise in the open air and by lying on painful parts. Particularly adapted to elderly and emaciated persons.

Skin.– Dry. Itching and burning in many localities. Burning herpes.

Sleep.– Disturbed by coldness of body and twitching of limbs at night. Full of reveries, with anxious dreams and phantasies.

Fever.– Pulse: Accelerated and ebullition of blood. Chill: In forenoon, with weariness and sleepiness, by eating. At night, preventing falling to sleep. Of single parts, with heat of face. Anxious flying. Heat: Recurring every fifteen minutes, most violent toward evening, Sweat, Profuse, at night, mostly after midnight, on affected side. Profuse, especially on abdomen and thighs, during motion.

Relationship.– Allied Remedies: Bell., Calc-a., Lyc., Nux v., Puls., Staph., Sul.

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