Indications: Body aches, headaches, fever, chill, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell, skin rash, chest pain, shortness of breath, sore throat, and all types of congestion.

MB Flu Fix is a comprehensive first aid kit for treatment of viral infectious diseases and their related symptoms. It is based on the principle “like cures like ” and takes care of your health holistically, making it one of the best homeopathic medicines for viral fever, cold, flu and body aches.


MB Flu Fix kit is one of the best and most effective antiviral homeopathic first aid kit that consists of a set of medicines developed by M Bhattacharyya & Co (P) Ltd. after a complete study & trial on patients of all ages with pre-existing medical conditions living in different places &climates while suffering from viral infectious diseases and other related symptoms like loss of smell or taste, shortage of breath, skin rashes, diarrhoea etc.

This unique combination of medicines, aggressively and simultaneously work at:

Fighting the Infection:

  • Fights different kinds of flu
  • Fights body aches, including headache

Fighting related symptoms:

  • reduces fatigue
  • restores loss of taste and / or smell
  • reduces spasmodic cough
  • clears congestion and improves respiration

The ingredients used are non-toxic with no added preservatives making the patient experiences marked improvement in health within a couple of days, thereby providing additional advantages, such as

  • Minimal Post Recovery Weakness
  • Contains the spread of the virus
  • Replaces expensive fear with affordable hope
Weight400 g


  • MB Kure Plus – 2 units
  • MB Immune Plus – 4 units
  • Carbo Veg 200 – 1 unit
  • Arsenic Iod. 3X – 1 unit


MB KURE PLUS Ingredients:



Aconite Napellus 3X0.05 ml
Aspidosperma 3X0.06 ml
Baptisia Tinctoria 3X0.04 ml
Belladona 3X0.07 ml
Cassia Sophera 3X0.07 ml
Castanea Vesca 3X0.06 ml
Echinacea Angustifolia 3X0.05 ml
Euphrasia Officinalis 3X0.05 ml
lnfluenzimun 3X0.06 gm
Pyogenium 3X0.04 ml
Morbilinum 3X0.05 ml
Variolinum 3X0.06 ml


MB IMMUNE PLUS Ingredients

Tinospora Cordifolia Q0.20 ml
Baptisia Tinctoria Q0.06 ml
Hydrastis Canadensis Q0.05 ml
Cinchona Officinalis Q0.20 ml
Senega Q0.10 ml

Dosage & Directions

First, ten days take 3 hourly =6 doses in total.

After 10th day take only thrice daily = 3 doses. (the above only applies to MB KURE PLUS and MB IMMUNE PLUS)

Only take in case of breathlessness, chest discomfort or drop in saturation

 (take 4 hourly)

Adults10 drops30 drops2 tabs, thrice daily5 drops
5-12 years5 drops15 drops2 tabs, twice daily2 drops
6 months- 5 years2 drops5 dropsHalf tab once a day1 drop
0-6 months2 drops, directly in the navel.5 drops directly in the navel.Half tab once a day1 drop

Additional Information

  • There MUST be a 10-minute interval between MB KURE PLUS and MB IMMUNE PLUS.
  • The medicine can be diluted with water when taken.
  • It should be taken 10 minutes before or after meals or 10 minutes before or after brushing teeth or 10 minutes before or after any other medicine.
  • It should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and strong smells.
  • It does not clash with any other medicines & will not have any side effects.
  • Can be consumed alongside other types of medicines such as ayurvedic, allopathic, antibiotics etc. as it can be used to improve the success of the therapy or to shorten the duration of treatment.
  • It can be taken by people with pre-existing medical conditions such as heart patients & diabetics,and pregnant or feeding mothers after consultation with our doctors.