06. K6 – Hepar Liver Drops


Indications: Liver Dysfunction, i.e. Jaundice, Parenchymatous Hepatitis

Weight 85 g


Composition Each ml contains
Carduus Marianus 0.5 ml
Chelidonium Majus 3X 0.24 ml
Taraxacum 3X 0.24 ml
Purified Water Q.S.
Flavour Q.S.
Alcohol Content 78 %(v/v)


15-20 drops 3 times daily or as directed by physician.

Packing size in ML –
30 ML


  • Improves excretion and detoxification capacity of the liver.
  • Alleviates symptoms of pressure and pain in the upper abdomen.
  • Activates the metabolism, which improves the elimination processes.
  • Strengthens the digestive and detoxification functions of the liver-bile system.