HAPPY LIV Liver Tonic



Low metabolic functions, Hepatitis, Enlarged liver, Poor appetite,
Jaundice, Weak liver function.

200 ml
450 ml


Name of Ingredient Each ML Content
Carica Papaya Q 0.04 ml
Chelidonium  Majus Q 0.2 ml
Carduus  Marianus Q 0.2 ml
Andrographis Paniculata Q 0.05ml
Hydrastis Canadensis Q 0.04 ml
Purified Water Q.S.
Syrup Base (Mixed Fruit) 0.102 ml
Caramel Colour 0.0001 ml
Alcohol Content 10% v/v



  • Adults: 10ml/2 tsp twice daily.
  • Children (below12years): 5ml/ 1 tsp thrice daily, or as directed by the physician.


  • Alleviates symptoms of jaundice.
  • Improves metabolic function.
  • Relieves pain in hepatic region.
  • Normalizes fatty liver.
  • Improves appetite.
  • Strengthens liver function.
  • It aids in liver cirrhosis.

Packing size in ML- 200, 450