03. K3 – Bomapect Cough Drops


Indications: Cough due to Cold and Bronchial Disease

Weight 85 g


Composition Each ml contains
Coccus Cacti 3X 0.1 ml
Cuprum Aceticum 3X 0.2 ml
Drosera Rotundifolia 3X 0.2 ml
Hyoscyamus Niger 3X 0.2 ml
Purified Water Q.S.
Flavour Q.S.
Alcohol Content 64%(v/v)


15-20 drops 3-5 times daily (20 in acute cases). For children under 1 year 10 drops 5 times a day or as directed by physician.

Packing size in ML –
30 ML


  • Relieves the excruciating urge to cough
  • Curbs excessive mucus production
  • Relaxes the bronchi
  • Reduces the anxiety and tightness in the chest
  • Facilitates expectoration