MB Kure


Any type of viral diseases such as viral fever, flu and flu-like symptoms.

MB Kure is homoeopathic flu prevention medicine that protects you from viral fever, flu, sore throat, sneezing, body-ache and the common cold. The ingredients used in this antiviral homoeopathic medicine are highly diluted to stimulate and enhance the immune system to defend against any foreign bodies.

The ingredients used in the antiviral homoeopathic medicine MB Kure, are highly diluted to stimulate and enhance the immune system to defend against any foreign bodies making it the best immunity boosting homoeopathic medicine

MB Kure, the homoeopathic flu prevention by M. Bhattacharyya & Co (P) Ltd, offers cure depending on the person who is ill with respect to the symptoms and takes into account the holistic function of the body as a complete system. By taking this antiviral drug in homoeopathy early, as soon as the first symptoms appear, an aggravation can be intercepted and the severity of the cold or flu can be alleviated. Protect yourself from flu, viral fever and other flu-like symptoms with the natural healing power of our age-old medicine.


MB KURE Ingredients:



Aconite Naplllus 3X0.05 ml
Aspidosperma 3X0.06 ml
Baptisia Tinctoria 3X0.04 ml
Belladona 3X0.07 ml
Cassia Sophera 3X0.07 ml
Castanea Vesca 3X0.06 n I
Echinacea Angustifolia 3X0.05 ml
Euphrasia Officinalis 3X0.05 ml
lnfluenzimun 3X0.06 gm
Morbilinum 3X0.05 ml
Variolinum 3X0.06 ml



Age GroupDosageFrequency
Adults10 dropsThrice daily
5-12 years5 dropsThrice daily
6 months – 5 years2 dropsThrice daily
0-6 months2 drops, directly in navalThrice daily
  • The medicine can be diluted with water when taken.
  • It should be taken for 14 days or till the viral infection is prevalent in your vicinity.
  • It should be taken 10 minutes before or after meals, 10 minutes before or after brushing of teeth, 10 minutes before or after taking any other medicine.

Additional Information

  • It has no side effects, hence can be consumed with ongoing medicines.
  • One can take this immunity booster alongside other medicines like ayurvedic, allopathic, etc.
  • It can be consumed by everyone who faces insomnia or low immunity as it is a homoeopathy medicine for anxiety, sleeplessness, bacterial infections, poor physical and mental alertness, improper digestion.
  • It should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and strong smells.
  • It can be consumed by feeding mothers and pregnant women, but only after consulting a homoeopathic doctor or us.

M.Bhattacharyya & Co (P) Ltd is known to be the pioneer in Indian homoeopathy. The brand has been synonymous to trust and quality since 1889. The company is a part of one of India’s largest conglomerates, Emami Group of Companies, a name which needs no introduction.